Friday, 16 June 2017

The start of my GSoC journey!

Hi !!

This is my first blog post in the many to come as a part of my GSoC journey with Peragro. Today I'll try to explain the project that I will be doing this summer.

Project Title    : Implementation of an audio search system.
Organization   : Python Software Foundation (PSF)
Sub Org.         : Peragro 
Mentors          : Matthew Lagoe, Sueastside, Branko Majic

 What is peragro?
The core principle of Peragro is to make a centralized 'asset server':
  • To stimulate collaboration between artists, by the means of tasks e.g. a texture artist can pick up where a modeller left of.
  • To take the job of exporting out of the artist's hand by entirely automating it.
  • Allow to tag assets and make collections to easily manage assets.
  • Share an art repository between projects to reuse common assets, tag or group assets to be more settings or project specific.
  • Deliver and accept its content in the format requested/provided by the user as to support multiple tools so assets can be freely distributed between artist and each can use their program of choice.
  • Deliver its content in the format requested by the engine, projects might use CS, Ogre or 2D, etc representations of assets.
 Aim of my project?
My project aims at providing an audio Information Retrieval system that would provide client API(s) for audio search and information retrieval. Search will be based on annotated text/descriptions or tags/labels associated with an audio as well as on low and high level features. Focus is to implement an AIR system that provides text based and content based search. Later we can add searches based on small recording and can get audio metadata and list of mixable audio. We can also create a module that will return results based on mood .

So in the First month of my project i'll be working on making a plugin that will extract the features from the audio files using essentia and gaia libraries. Then I will make module that will push the extracted meta data to elasticsearch which will then be used for searching.

So this is the brief summary of what i'll be doing this summer.


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