Monday, 24 July 2017

Hi !! everyone

The second evaluation has just started, so let me just summarize, what have I done after the First evaluation.

In my last Blog I told you about the plugin that extracts the low level and highlevel features from the given audio file. Now this plugin together with the other existing ones form a part of the project(peragro whole project) which is called as Analyzers. So what an analyzer module does is, is it finds the right plugin for analyzing a given file of a particular mimetype(basically an audio file in our case). Then that plugin will output the various assests found in the given file and their relavent metadata. Then there is another module named as Transcoder that help you to convert a files assest of a particular mimetype to other relevant mimetypes. for more information on analyzers and transcoders see this (

So this week I read the transcoder's code and learned how it works and fixed some of its bugs. In addition to that there were lots of landscape errors in the whole project, I had fixed the majors ones and will try to fix others also.I have also learned about how a cyclic import can cause a big problem to a project.


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